Many of you need a halter for your horse and we have the best halter for your horse. We have a variety of halters with many color options. We provide the best quality halters for you like Hy economy plus a head collar, Rheingold foal head collar, Hy Duo halter, heritage English leather padded halter, Ezyloader halter adapter, Lemieux pro safe halter, Mini fleece halter and Lead rope Azure, cold stream leather padded halter, Hy unicorn halter, and lead rope. You will also get an adjustable head collar with a variety of designs and with many color options.

Cut of the Collar

We have the appropriate head collar for your horse. The Hy economy plus halter is for everyday use. It has an additional eyelet hole on the head for its durability. It is adjustable and it’s made up of strong stainless steel. It is available in many sizes like pony, cob, full with many color options. The Rhinegold Foal halters are adjustable with stainless steel buckles. It is made up with tough double webbing but it stays soft to avoid discomfort. Its material is good in quality and we provide it at a low price.

Style of the Web Halter

The Hy duo web halter is an adjustable halter with a trigger hook. It is available in two-tone color and it’s great value for money. We have many color options in it and three different sizes. The heritage English leather padded halter is a high-quality halter. It is beautifully created with English leather. It has padding on the noseband and headpiece. It also has a brass fitting. It has a classy look in it and it has two color options brown and black.

Adapter in Usage

The Ezyloader halter adapter is easy to use. It’s a control system to make loading an easy way. It gets worked by putting pressure on the nose of the horse, it the horse pulls back it immediately releases the pressure when the pressure of the lead rope is dropped. It simplifies the loading; it’s perfect for the horse who needs control when it is led. It’s available in one size and fits for all. It is quick and easy to use and you don’t need to change the everyday halter.  

Halter in Style

Lemieux-safe halter is designed for control in hand. It’s safe and it also has a super-strong twin nylon solid metal chain. It has a shock-absorbing padded nose pole; it’s also flexible to adjust the severity with the adjustable headpiece and throat lash. And if you want a magical touch on the halter of your horse, just choose the Hy unicorn halter and lead rope. It’s appropriate for everyday use or any special occasion. These durable halters have a soft lead rope and unicorn pattern on the nose and the cheek. It gives your horse a complete look of a unicorn. Hy fully adjustable halters are strong and for daily use. It’s adjustable with three buckle webbing head collars with brass fitting. It also has many color variants. We provide the best halters for your horse with different looks. We always provide the best quality and always try to fulfill our client’s requirements. You can buy halters from us as per your needs.